“You definitely haven’t seen anything before”: This is how the unique baby born with thick hair looks now

Here is the same awesome baby born with thick hair: How does she look today?

This absolutely unique and distinctive girl was born to a family of Denitsa Kaneva, a Bulgarian resident, and managed to leave every single one speechless, even the experienced doctors, being born with very thick and dark hair.

The admirable girl’s photos and videos are regularly shares on network by her mother who claims that it is only her who possesses such gorgeous and thick hair in their whole family. No network user could stay indifferent towards the unique baby girl and rushed to share his or her positive opinion in the comment section.

Her mother purchases shampoos and balms of only high quality in order to maintain her baby’s long and healthy hair. To some extent, Gabi started to resemble Rapunzel.

The following photos of the adorable girl immediately went viral warming everyone’s heart.

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