Young millionaires: The richest kids who were able to earn whole properties on their own

Here are the richest and most successful millionaire children

These kids were not only able to work at a very young age, but earn a great sum of money on their own. What is more, they manage to do this almost effortlessly and mere for their pleasure. In this interesting post, we will tell you about the youngest millionaires who earned their first million at very young ages.

The blogger MattyBRaps (14y)

This youngster became popular due to his good musical taste. He started to post his own remixes of popular songs on social media and gradually gained millions of views and reactions. The admirable videos of this young man gain more than million views every month.

Nick D’Aloysio, a young genius at the age of 21

This talented young programmer created the program Summly himself which allows to find the required information in just a few seconds. This program highly impressed the owners of Yahoo, that’s the reason why they bought it with 30 m dollars.

Tenor Fox – a young sportsman and a YouTuber (17y)

Believe it or not, he now has more than 6 million subscribers on YouTube. The teenage not only takes a great interest in sport, but also has a good sense of humor which helps him a lot while filming the blogs. Now, Tenor is regarded one of the richest and most successful teenage who gained popularity and fame completely on his own.

Mark Thomas (16y)

This youngster has the nickname duhitzmark on social media. The guy is quite popular both on Instagram and Youtube. He currently has more than 700 thousand subscribers and gains half a million views.

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