«You are above all for us»: Fashion designer Beckham touchingly congratulated her son’s 18th birthday sharing heartwarming photos

Beckham shared archive photos of her son congratulating him on his 18th birthday

Victoria Beckham, a well-known fashion designer and ex-soloist of Spice Girls, and David Beckham, a professional football player, are considered one of the strongest and influential couples of today. The spouses’ youngest heir has already turned 18.

The popular designer has touchingly congratulated her heir sharing some of his rare archive childhood photos with the followers.

Beckham posted some of his photos taken when he still was a teenager as well showing the boy while he was singing, brilliantly playing the piano and the guitar.

Millions rushed to sincerely congratulated Cruz on his 18th birthday admitting how handsome he has become over years and how proud they are of the young man.

The outstanding star shared. «Happy birthday Cruz! We all love you very much and are proud of what an incredible young man you have become! You are above all for us. With the 18th superstar».

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