«Years make him even more attractive»: Legendary Hollywood star Brad Pitt has noticeably lost weight and looks fantastic

Having lost weight and looking younger, Brad Pitt is ready to break hearts again

Recently, this iconic and successful Hollywood film star started to lead a healthy lifestyle having noticeably lost weight. He seemed delighted with the meeting with Clooney on the set of the new thriller «Wolves» where the actors worked together.

It should be noted that the legendary movie stars have already worked alongside each other on the crime trilogy Ocean’s Eleven, Ocean’s Twelve and Ocean’s Thirteen. And, in 2008, they together starred in the movie «Burn After Reading».

Though he hadn’t received the Best Actor award for the film «Babylon», he didn’t look confused or upset. Instead, Pitt shone with his glory and was ready for new major projects.

Pitt appeared in a white T-shirt, gray trousers, classic boots and a leather coat. He looked brutal and courageous and, being accompanied with his bodyguard, was about to get into his car. His beard was trimmed and his hair was in a little mass.

His co-partner Clooney was with him who was wearing a blue shirt, blue sweater, a leather jacket and black shoes. The script of the new movie in which Pitt and Clooney starred was written by Jon Watts.

It is worth mentioning that these two also work as producers of the blockbuster according to the Daily Mail.

Their meeting was long-awaited after the release of Oceans 3 back in 2007. There are also rumors about the filming of the fourth part starred by Clooney, Pitt and Damon and, recently, it has become known that they signed a contract.