«Wow! What a toned body at 55!»: Everyone was in awe of the slender body and charming appearance of Kidman on vacation

The fans couldn’t find words to describe how stunning Kidman looked on the beach

Regardless of her age, well-known and successful actress N. Kidman still remains the idol of millions and is believed to be among the most attractive «ageless» beauties of our time.

Nicole has proved multiple times that her age is nothing but a single number in her passport and that it can’t anyhow distort her incredible beauty and attractiveness. Despite her genetics and sports activities, Kidman periodically turned to beauticians.

However, many were convinced that it became something habitual and even an addiction since the star can’t stop doing beauty injections to retain her youth. Some are more than sure that the celebrity has lost her charm and unique appearance.

Because of intense criticism and her fans’ advice, the actress stopped regularly turning to beauticians and this has definitely had a positive effect. Paparazzi caught the star dressed in a black swimsuit consisting of a turtleneck and mini shorts.

Kidman completed her look with a straw hat and stylish big sunglasses.

To many it became clear that a woman looking this good at 55 is something one can meet rather rarely and Kidman can easily serve as a role model for all women.

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