“Wizard Gandalf in youth!”: The way prominent actor Ian McKellen looked in youth won’t let the fans stay indifferent

Here is wizard Gandalf! Are you ready to see how the actor looked in youth?

Probably every single one is well-familiar with prominent, successful and praiseworthy actor Ian McKellen. It is worth mentioning that even before his legendary roles as the wizard Gandalf and the villain Magneto from X-Men, the outstanding film star had already been well-known in the Hollywood film industry as well as at the theatre.

It is relevant to mention that the legendary actor was eager to deal with any task that he was given and was fully dedicated to his profession. Whereas for many, it is rather hard to realize that the aged man with a wise smile and deep wrinkles was once young.

In the following archival photo, Ian was already in his 30s charming everyone with his gorgeous wavy hair and admirable smile.

And, what concerns his brilliant participation in the great movie “A Touch of Love”, the iconic man looked like a Beatleman schoolboy instead of a mature 40-year-old adult.

Whereas his old age doesn’t prevent the legendary star from working on several projects. According to reliable sources, Ian excellently starred in the movie “Noel” as well as in the crime comedy “Glee”.

What is more, in 2020 the well-known man delighted his fans with the incredible news that he released diary entries while working on the project of “The Lord of the Rings”.

Moreover, apart from his acting career, the talented man has got a PhD at Cambridge.

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