«With age a lot of things are underestimated!»: The way Thurman looks at 51 became the subject of discussions

Here are actress Thurman’s honest thoughts about being dissatisfied with the appearance

There are two big groups of today’s world-renowned female celebrities. The representatives of the first group do everything possible and even go too far so as to regain their beauty and attractiveness. Yet the others look stunning no matter age.

One of the vivid representatives of the second group is outstanding actress U. Thurman who has always been strongly against surgeries and maintaining one’s youth and beauty at any cost.

She admitted that like absolutely everyone, she was insecure about her appearance which was completely in vain. The actress shared that it is simply wonderful that with age many things become underestimated.

No one would deny that even at 51 she looks her best and her appearance may be a dream for every other young girl. She has nothing to worry about and looks much younger than she actually is.

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