«With a towel just after taking a shower»: Actress Jennifer Aniston from the comedy series «Friends» shared her «honest» photos

Rachel from «Friends» surprised her fans showing her entirely natural appearance

Perhaps, only few of you have seen what outstanding, charismatic and enormously successful actress Jennifer Aniston best-known for her role in the popular sitcom «Friends» looks like without any makeup.

Lately, the «Friends» star boldly demonstrated her entirely natural appearance sharing «honest» photos and greatly surprising some of her followers. No makeup was seen on the popular actress’s face.

Many were delighted with the photos and highly appreciated the fact that their favorite actress has nothing to conceal from her fans and can proudly show how she looks without any preparedness.

The outstanding Hollywood actress got a lot of nice compliments from her fans who didn’t miss a chance to claim that she looked flourishing, flawless and simply perfect.

Share your opinion about the actress’s entirely natural look below!

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