«With a bald head and not nice features!»: Hepburn’s granddaughter’s look caused mixed reactions

The fans hardly believe that this bald girl is legendary Hepburn’s granddaughter 😳😱

Only a few have seen the grandchild of legendary Hollywood actress A. Hepburn. She was born in 1994 and achieved great success in the big world of modeling having already shot for glossy magazines.

It is worth mentioning that she has successfully graduated from an art school in Florence.

Emma appears in public rather rarely mostly focusing on her artistic works. Many predict that she is about to put an end to her modeling career. However, the appearance of her granddaughter came as a big surprise.

«Mom’s genes said bye!», «She couldn’t even stand next to her angelically beautiful grandmother!», «Where did charming Hepburn’s genes disappear?».

«Nothing from her granny’s femininity and unearthly charm!», «Her appearance leaves a lot to be desired!».

«Envy silently and don’t compare her with anyone!», «Her extraordinarily beautiful look drives me crazy!».

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