«Wins millions of female hearts!»: Thurman’s and her son’s appearance became the subject of heated discussions

No girl could take her eyes off the handsome son of Thurman on the Red Carpet 😍

The public appearance of this prominent and successful film star with her son at the Cannes Film Festival let no one remain indifferent. Here is Levon.

There is no need to say that the Golden Globe winner chose neutral makeup that accentuated her beautiful features. Her up-do hairstyle with curls was truly elegant and sophisticated.

Her dusty rosy satin dress with a voluminous skirt gave her even more charm and elegance. Their appearance on the Red Carpet soon became the subject of heated discussions.

What concerns the 21-year-old boy, he gave his preference to a navy-blue tuxedo and a bow tie. He looked really confident and won millions of hearts on his way.

Their appearance greatly impressed absolutely everyone. What do you think?


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