Winfrey made an announcement about her surgeries on her both knees she has recently undergone

It became known that Oprah Winfrey underwent surgeries on both her knees

Oprah Winfrey lately announced that last year, in 2021 she had to undergo knee surgeries. The legendary woman determined to share her experience once one of the attendees claimed that they valued every organ and limb.

Winfrey shared that she simply had no other way out since one day when she returned home she discovered that she wasn’t able to even elevate her leg and she wished she could exercise, move and run as she did before. According to her, she couldn’t elevate her heel off the bed.

It is worth mentioning that as a part of her treatment, she took up hiking which actually helped her a lot in quick recovery.

She shared that each and every day she attempted to go even farther and, gradually, hiking played a huge role in her treatment.

@jznotthatjayz I’m never going on a hike with Oprah ever again #fyp #oprah ♬ original sound – jznotthatjayz

She did her best and went hiking for even 40-50 minutes a day which is incredible.

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