Why is she doing this to herself? Demi Moore had a plastic operation and went out into the street  

The celebrity caused a long discussion among fans with her appearance.

59-year-old Demi Moore appeared at a fashion event in an outfit of the popular brand Fendi, decorated with rhinestones. But this time, something attracted not the dress and the image, but Demi as a whole. Fans confidently say that the celebrity did another plastic operation on her face.

This is evidenced by the compression of the cheekbones as well as the skin around the mouth. Furthermore, people are certain that all this was done recently because the face has not yet had time to transform properly. “Why is she doing this to herself?”, “Give us back the old Demi”, “We used to love her more,” commented discontented fans.

Demi Moore surprises not for the premiere time because, in January of this year, the woman also went to a fashion show after a plastic operation thus causing a long discussion among fans.

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