Why did Tom Cruise stop communicating with his daughter Suri? This is how the girl looks now

Here is the reason why actor Cruise stopped communicating with his only daughter

As we all know, the legendary actor and his ex-wife officially divorced in 2012 and the man stopped communicating with his only heiress.

After their divorce, Holmes always did her best to protect her daughter from the public and didn’t want her to appear in the center of everyone’s attention.

Recently, the paparazzi was lucky enough to catch the teenage girl in the streets of New York and her fans couldn’t stop admiring the beauty. Many rushed to judge her father claiming that he should anyways continue to communicate and take care of his heiress as Suri definitely needs paternal care and affection.

Many added that the charming girl looks like the exact copy of her father.

It is worth noting that the father and the daughter haven’t communicated for about 10 years whereas the network users sincerely hope that they will eventually restore their inseparable bond.

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