«Who stole the heart of Cillian Murphy?»: This is what the wife of Cillian Murphy looks like

Have you ever seen the wife of Cillian Murphy? 🧐 The fans of the handsome actor had no idea that his wife looks like this! 🤯😱

This Hollywood actor has never ceased to be the center of women’s attention. His mesmerizing blue eyes and attractiveness never cease to captivate millions. What concerns his personal life, only few know what his beloved wife looks like.

The couple first met in 1996 during a play «Disco Pigs». His future wife became actress and artist named Yvonne. It was in 2004 that they got married and had a wedding at Yvonne’s father’s vineyard according to some rumors.

The dedicated spouses have two heirs together: Malachi (2005) and Aran (2007). The prominent actor has always tried to keep his family away from the public eye. They enjoy their quiet life in Ireland and rarely appear in Hollywood.

The woman works hard as an artist and raises their children while her husband is on set. For Murphy, she is the biggest supporter and closest friend.

They are one of the most exemplary couples who prefer to be away from paparazzi and enjoy their life in peace.

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