«Who stole the billionaire’s heart?»: This is what the woman looks and lives whom Bezos proposed to

Here is the woman whom Bezos’s heart belongs to and whom he has proposed to 🧐🤔

Here is L. Sanchez whose archive photos have recently been surfacing on the network. She is an American-born woman and has many talents. Here she is, the fiancée of the world-renowned billionaire.

She is a talented journalist who also has skills in piloting helicopters as well as acting in shows and films. She first met her future lover in 2016 due to the executive chairman of Endeavor Group Holdings.

It is still unknown exactly when these two started dating, yet people know that the man divorced his wife in 2019 making Lauren his new partner.

In 2018 Bezos turned to the woman for a flight and she helped him a lot to overcome his fear which emerged after his crash in 2003.

However, the archive photos of the woman quickly became the subject of heated discussions. Some noticed that she looked completely different in those years probably before having undergone surgeries.

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