«Who does the daughter of «Pretty Woman» look like?»: this is what Julia Roberts’ adult daughter looks

It looks like we’re meeting a new «Pretty Woman»!😱Julia Roberts’ daughter, Hazel, wowed her mom’s fans with her captivating smile😍🫣Which parent do you think she is most look like?🧐

Julia Roberts conquered millions of hearts with her femininity and beauty․ Her daughter Hazel Moder made her first appearance at the 2021 Cannes Film Festival․ Everyone was delighted to see the actress’s daughter and she became the center of attention of the media and fans. The girl looked beautiful even with a regular outfit and no makeup.

She wore a simple outfit: a loose, sand-colored long dress with black patent leather sandals. Apparently Hazel prefers natural beauty․ She doesn’t like wearing foundation, lipstick, or unusual hairstyles.

Hazel looks like her father, Daniel Moder․ She has blond hair, blue eyes and graceful eyebrows.

But the girl also looks like her mother․ The only similarities with his mother are his sharp nose and sweet smile.

Hazel’s natural beauty is truly beautiful․ Do you also agree?

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