“Who are their stylists?”: Here are unsuccessfully chosen looks of celebrities heavily criticized even by their fans

Even the fans of these stars criticized them for their unsuccessfully chosen clothes

It stands to reason that each and every overall-recognized and successful celebrity has an army of loyal fans who literally adore, openly support their idols no matter what and are often inspired and influenced by their unique style and activity. Whereas, believe it or not, there have been some cases when even the loyal fans of the worldwide famous stars couldn’t remain indifferent and rushed to heavily criticize them either for their improper behavior or unsuccessfully chosen clothes.

Here, you can witness the unsuccessfully chosen looks of today’s celebrities which were heavily criticized and judged even by many of their followers.

Lily-Rose Depp

C. Dion

O. Wilde

J. Simpson

B. Hadid

E. Stone

V. Beckham


R. McAdams

J. Lopez

Mel B

The wife of the former president

K. Perry

M. Kerr

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