«Which one is the daughter?»: Jessica Alba’s fans were surprised to see her eldest daughter

Fans were waiting to see if Jessica’s daughter would inherit her mother’s beauty🧐Surprisingly, the photo did not impress them😒😳«She looks older than Alba», fans disappointed😬

One of the most beautiful and famous Hollywood stars is Jessica Alba․ She has always won hearts with her stunning and captivating looks. Jessica is already 42 years old, but she has three children and still looks very young and attractive.

Jessica is a very devoted mother․ She always put her family and children first in her life. Her daughter is now 15 years old and is bonded with her mother and they are great friends.

Fans were very interested in the appearance of Jessica’s daughter Honor. Everyone was waiting to see if Honor would inherit her mother’s beauty. But when they saw Honor’s photo, fans were shocked․ The girl didn’t impress Alba’s fans at all․ Honor even looked older than her mother․

Alba looks very young next to her daughter․ She remained so beautiful and feminine and because of this it is difficult to distinguish mother from daughter.

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