«Where luxury and comfort meet!»: This is what Lopez’s mansion looks like where she lives with Affleck

You will be surprised when you see Lopez’s luxurious house that is worth 60 million

It is worth mentioning that one of the best-known and highly successful performers of our time is J. Lopez. Without sparing her fortune, she pampers her beloved husband with pricey gifts and shares her luxurious «palace» with him.

However astonishing it seems to many of her followers, her palace costs sixty million dollars. Whenever people learn this, they leave negative feedback and even intensively criticize the celebrity.

«He is lucky to be her husband», «It looks like an entire palace», «How luxurious it is!», «Most of us can’t even dream of this!».

«Who’s going to tell her?», «He will always remain under the shadow of his famous wife».

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