“When nostalgia hits differently”: Looking at these archival photos of stars, one will feel the atmosphere of the 1990s

20 legendary photos from iconic celebrities’ archive dating back to the 1990s

When some say or we hear of “the 1990s”, it is rather hard for us to believe that 30 years have already passed since time flies at a lightning speed leaving memories and only by looking at archival photos one can realize it.

Sometimes, when taking a look at legendary photos from iconic stars’ archive nostalgia instantly hits reminding us of the 1990s and even earlier periods of time.

K. Moss’s iconic dress is still being actively discussed, even after 27 years!

The legendary look of film star DiCaprio at the premiere of the movie “Total Eclipse”

The couple of ex-spouses Cruise and Kidman at the long-waited premiere of “Mission: Impossible”

Meet Jessica Parker in 1991. Iconic and fashionable as always!

Spears’s 1999’s hit, the bestseller track “Baby One More Time”

Overall-recognized Timberlake with “instant noodles” on his head

The premiere of “Out of Sight” welcomed Lopez and Clooney as well in 1998.

Here is iconic R. Witherspoon accompanied with S. Blair. (1999)

Well-known R. Downey’s appearance in a stylish sparkling silver suit.

Meet Madonna on “Blonde Ambition Tour” in an interesting and rather bold bra corset!

The whole atmosphere of the 1990s is embodied in Jared Leto.

Did you recognize S. Johansson at the Independent Awards? A youthful girl, but already a popular star!

Legendary couple of C. Cox and M. Perry back in 1997.

Meet iconic supermodel N. Campbell, 1990, New York.

The greatest fan of leopard pattern – Christina Aguilera!

Was it easy for you to recognize Mariah Carey? This archival photo dates back to 1991.

Here is W. Houston in 1991, i.e. a year before the movie “The Bodyguard” was released.

Meet D. Barrymore, shortly after the release of “The Wedding Singer”!

The icon of the Hollywood film industry – J. Aniston (1997)

Here is great actor B. Pitt with G. Paltrow during “The Tomb”.