“When nostalgia hits differently!”: Here are archival photos of legendary celebrities from the 1990s

Nostalgia seeing these archival photos of prominent stars in the 1990s

It is hard to realize that the 1990s were about three decades ago since it sometimes seems as if those celebrities who were very popular particularly in the 1990s still never cease to delight their fans. That’s why it is quite interesting to look at legendary photos from celebrities’ archives to make sure many years have passed and they won’t ever be the same as we were used to seeing them in the 1990s.

This legendary photo was taken back in 1993 and many are still delighted with the iconic dress worn by Kate Moss.

During the premiere of the “Total Eclipse”, talented film star DiCaprio surprised everyone with his fashionable suit.

And here we meet N. Kidman and Tom C. in 1993. What an iconic couple!

S. Jessica Parker has remained the same fashionable and stunning lady since the 1990s.

And here is Britney Spears brilliantly performing “Baby One More Time” in 1999.

Justin Timberlake’s so-called “noodles” in hair in the 1990s.

Lopez and Clooney during the film premiere in 1998

R. Witherspoon and S. Blair back in 1999 at the premiere of “Cruel Intentions”.

Just look at Robert Downey’s gorgeous silver suit, 1998. How stylish celebrities looked then!

During the Blonde Ambition Tour, Madonna, well-known as “the Queen of Pop” looks simply stunning.

The embodiment of the 1990s’ ideal of man is considered to be J. Leto who used to have long hair.

And here is youthful S. Johansson at the Independent Spirit Awards in the 1990s.

Look how Matthew Perry and Courtney Fox looked in 1997.

Legendary model N. Campbell in a delicate snow-white dress in New York!

The leopard print was then very popular and looked great especially on Christina Aguilera.

1991, charming Mariah Carey signing her autograph

Here is Whitney Houston back in 1991.

People at the premiere of “The Wedding Singer” admired the unearthly beauty of Drew Barrymore, 1998.

The premiere of series “Friends”, gorgeous and iconic Jennifer Aniston.

The premiere of “The Tomb” welcomed Pitt and Gwyneth Paltrow as well.