«What suits one, for others will be a real test»: Here is the true reason why actor Richard Gere and model Cindy Crawford divorced

Richard Gere admitted why the marriage between Crawford and him fell apart

Now, only few remember that prominent and successful actor R. Gere and iconic model C. Crawford were once married. Though the romances and marriages between actors and models were no surprise for anyone, this time it was an exception.

The reason why their marriage wouldn’t work out is that the spouses were from completely different worlds. Cindy was into modeling and Gere had his unique place in the film industry. Moreover, there was a huge age difference between them.

As a reminder, the future couple first met in 1988 and married in Las Vegas in 1991. However, their union lasted only four years and in 1995 they divorced.

«I don’t know if we were ever such friends as peers are. Because I was young and he was Richard Gere», – Crawford admitted during the interview with Oprah Winfrey.

Shortly after their divorce in 1998, the iconic model married entrepreneur Randy Gerber and it has already been 25 years they are together. The spouses have two children.

What concerns the outstanding actor, he married actress and model Carey Lowell. Interestingly enough, their son Homer was born two years before their wedding. It should be noted that Homer became Gere’s first child.

However, the spouses filed for divorce in 2013 unable to maintain their family. In 2018, the movie star married for the third time choosing a Spanish publicist Alejandra Silva who is 34 years younger. While Gere will soon turn 74, Silva will still be 40.

The legendary actor admitted that he has found the calm and happy life he has always dreamed of. «What suits one, for others will be a real test».

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