“What if they wash off their makeup?”: The way these popular celebrities look without cosmetics left everyone speechless

The evidence that popular celebrities’ beauty is sometimes overestimated

Very often, ordinary girls and women start to compare themselves to the well-known and legendary celebrities, models and actresses whose appearance corresponds to all beauty standard of today. However, one should always bear in mind that their beauty is sometimes overestimated since others see them only with cosmetics on without having no idea about their natural appearance without makeup and retouching.

Bellucci is often regarded the most beautiful woman on our planet.

However, the natural beauty of the Italian diva doesn’t always please her followers.

Here is Ch. Theron who doesn’t wear makeup on daily basis. It doesn’t matter whether she is with or without cosmetics, Charlize looks absolutely gorgeous and much younger than she is.

It seems as if she often uses only lip gloss to moisturize the lips and that’s all.

Our next celebrity is Margot Robbie whom the majority of us see only when she has full makeup. There is probably no one who would deny her excellent skills of doing makeup, whereas what if she washes it off?

One can spot Robbie without makeup on her way to the gym.

It is no secret that the legend of Hollywood, a protagonist as well as a devoted mother is believed to be the most beautiful woman on Earth. One can easily find the photos of Jolie with and without makeup and, according to the opinion of millions, she looks fantastic in both ways.

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