«What happened to the Hollywood macho?»: The way Cruise has changed disappointed the viewers

The fans couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw noticeably aged Cruise 😱😳

Recently, the entire world has been concerned about the changed appearance of one of the most talented and successful actors of Hollywood. Believe it or not, the macho who stole many hearts then is now 60.

«From now on, even plastic surgery is useless!», «I can’t believe my eyes! How much my favorite actor has changed!», «How long did we sleep?».

«I still remember him as one of the hottest actors», «How sad it is to see our idol get old!».

«No one on Earth is getting younger», «Envy silently!», «Looks amazing for a 60-year-old man».

«Please tell me this is a joke!», «No one was ready to see this», «He has changed dramatically».

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