«What did she see in this grandpa?»: fans are disappointed to see the young wife of 83-year-old Al Pacino

He is 83, and she is 29, can you imagine?🫢😱Al Pacino barely walked with his young lady😳«Does the girl have some kind of abnormality?», the fans are perplexed😬

It’s a little unbelievable that Noor Alfallah, a 29-year-old film producer, has decided to marry Al Pacino, an 83-year-old actor, and is even expecting a child with the Oscar winner. This unique couple is very happy that they will have a baby.

There is a big age difference between them․ They have been dating since April 2022 and were recently spotted by paparazzi together in Los Angeles. But apparently this difference is not a big problem for them. They are happy together and maintain their relationship․

Noor Alfallah comes from a wealthy family. She always got involved with older men. She even linked to Mick Jagger․ At that time she was 22 and the man was 74, and was also befriends with Clint Eastwood in 2019.

Noor has friends in high places and the position of Vice President of Lynda Obst Productions at Sony, which is why she has proven herself even in the film industry.

Al Pacino’s close friends are also very happy that he is expecting a child, since Robert De Niro, like him, became a father for the seventh time.
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