What celebrities don’t like to groom themselves?  

Looking at popular personalities, it seems to us that they are faultless.

 They look like red-carpet needles, fresh and neat. Nevertheless, as it turned out, this is far from being a reality because colleagues can confirm that some celebrities are real whores. Some neglect personal hygiene and others may not change clothes for weeks. Furthermore, they are quite difficult to work with because of the displeasing odor.

Robert Pattinson – coworkers always protested that a special odor emanated from the actor. Robert may not wash his hair for several weeks he just does not see the point in clean hair.

Cameron Diaz is an actress who hasn’t used antiperspirant for years and can wear the same thing for weeks. Commonly, there are traces of sweat on her clothes, and old clothes have a displeasing odor.

Madonna-diva shines on stage, and her outfits are enviable, but in real life, the singer prefers shabby as well as old clothes. Moreover, she wears it for several days without changing.

Uma Thurman – in the acting workshop, the actress has a reputation as a “ruthless whore”. She does not like to groom herself. Uma is frequently seen with dirty hair as well as rumpled clothes. In addition, coworkers note that the actress eats carelessly, which is why her clothes are always stained with food.

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