«What an incredible transformation»: The will-power and determination of the man weighing 265 kg will help you never give up

The man who weighed 265 kg lost 180 kg and encourages others to never give up

Meet Alexander Teslya, an ordinary man from Russia who, once being unable to control himself, gained extra kilos soon becoming addicted to food.

His overweight led him to appear on the verge of death since his weight soon reached 265 kilos and his stomach grew so big that it, believe it or not, started to press his heart.

When even his beloved wife and son started insulting him for his overweight he clearly realized it was high time to act.

This encouraged him to normalize his routine life and go to bed at 10 and wake up early in the morning. By consuming only 750 calories a day, Alexander managed to lose 180 kg.

Moreover, he took part in the popular Russian show «Malakhov» convincing everyone there that overweight is a burden for our health and life and encouraging them to become the best versions of themselves.

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