«What an awkward moment right on stage!»: Everyone was left speechless when they saw Swift swallowing a bug

Cameras captured Swift coughing and swallowing a bug during her performance on stage 😲😳

Here is a renowned, successful and outstanding American singer who has a great number of fans and admirers throughout the world. Recently, an awkward, funny and, at the same moment, terrible moment happened to her right on stage.

She was performing in Chicago and the moment when she started choking and coughing left everyone speechless. This came as a big surprise for her followers.

However surprising it seems, the charming performer soon recovered and then acted as though nothing had happened.

People made sure that their idol had a sound sense of humor.

«Oh, yummy.. is there a chance that none of you saw this?.. Everything is fine. I swallowed it».

The fans were literally amazed. They expressed their delight and openly supported her.

It stands to reason that such moments happen to other stars too since no one is guaranteed.

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