«What a similarity!». This is what the brother of Angelina Jolie looks like  

No one would reject that they look so much alike  😳🧐

Who knows Angelina Jolie’s brother James Haven Voight? He is two years older than Jolie, but has not achieved as much success as his sister. Although many people know him too, Angelia is the one that the whole world knows.

The siblings have been very close to each other since their childhood. Their father abandoned them, and James became a father for Jolie.

It seemed that nothing could disturb them to have a strong relationship, but after Jolie’s divorce from Brad Pitt, they had some disagreements, which affected their bond.

The problem was that Angelina didn’t want Pitt to see their children, but her brother was against her decision, so their views on that matter were completely different.

But the siblings frequently appear in public together, and their strong resemblance can’t remain unnoticed by their fans. They really look like each other.

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