“What a radical transformation!”: Model Shayk dramatically changed becoming a blonde

Have you already seen Irina Shayk’s new image as a blonde with curls?

As absolutely everyone knows, I. Shayk is a successful, demanded and overall-recognized Russian model who actively leads her networking pages.

Recently, the iconic model surprised her followers with her unusual and rather unexpected look as a blonde with curly hair. The celebrity had a bang as well making her delicate look more like a Barbie and her white dress definitely suited her.

The well-known woman was in a children’s swimming pool with a plastic bottle in her hand. Many rushed to claim that here the model resembled a Barbie.

A number of netizens complimented the popular star and her image really was a success and highly appreciated. For those who didn’t know, it was just a wig.

How did you like Shayk’s Barbie image?

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