«What a pity to learn such news»: The heartbreaking news that legendary Nicholson has dementia left his fans speechless

The three-time Oscar winner has dementia and doesn’t recognize his relatives

The heartbreaking news has recently hit the Hollywood. Legendary, renowned and successful actor Nicholson suffers dementia and has already lost his ability to recognize his family strongly refusing to leave the house.

Currently, his concerned family and a group of nurses are looking after the iconic man who has lost his ability to orient in time and space. «We sincerely wish you a quick recovery, our favorite actor».

«This sad news has broken my heart», «We all pray for you, the legend of Hollywood», «This is the most talented film star I have ever known», «What a pity!».

It is worth mentioning that he is a well-deserved Oscar winner as well.

Did you know that the great actor suffers dementia?

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