«What a fabulous actress and unearthly beauty»: 62-year-old Moore’s gorgeous look at the premiere of «Sharper» delighted the fans

The magnificent look of 62-year-old Moore at a premiere deserves special attention

Great films that brought Julianne Moore overall-fame and popularity were «As the World Turns» and «Jurassic Park». Afterwards, great success and incredible career heights were impatiently waiting for the charming actress.

There have recently been some major projects with the brilliant participation of the gorgeous film star, Julianne Moore.

Currently, the outstanding star lives with her family in New York, always keeps in touch with her fans via social media and often shares details of her career success and personal life.

Many keep calling the 62-year-old woman the standard of beauty as well as truly a fabulous and praiseworthy actress.

There is no denying that the iconic actress still looks attractive and much younger than she actually is.

What can you add about the 62-year-old American actress’s appearance?

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