«Well-toned buttocks and stunning bust»: recent photo of Sharon Stone in a bikini left all fans speechless

After this photo we need to check her age once again!🧐The time has no power to influence Sharon’s appearance😱🫣She stunned fans in a spicy bikini🔥

Famous star Sharon Stone surprises with her appearance at this age․ She decided to show off her amazing physique at 65 with pride and confidence. On social networks, the actress decided to take a weekend and relax. She posted a photo of her in her house in a green bikini.

Sharon took a mirror selfie showing off her toned buttocks and stunning bust. This showed her to be so confident in herself․ Under the photo she wrote that she was preparing for the summer and proudly showed off her figure at that age.

Fans were crazy to see how beautiful she was and expressed their admiration in the comments. Many people dream of looking like Sharon at 65․ «She looks amazing», «Sharon is a real queen», «She looks the same», fans shared.

Many women and even men love to share their beauty and charm with the public. Recently, vocalist of Måneskin, Damiano David surprised fans without clothes.

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