«Well, nobody is perfect!»: After Kardashian’s recent photos, many were quick to criticize the celebrity for her short legs

Kardashian is trying to «hide» her relatively short legs with spicy outfits: Photos

Judging by the recent photos the celebrity has shared, one may say that Kardashian doesn’t age at all and her appearance has even got better over time. It is hard to believe that the star is already in her 40s and has four children.

«Aren’t you ashamed at all?», «What shorts legs she has!», «Wake up! You’re already 42!», «She just didn’t manage to edit the photos. It’s okay!».

«Every other young girl would dream of having such an attractive body», «Well, nobody’s perfect».

«To those who criticize her. Do you look better?», «I can’t believe my eyes that there is a mother of four in front of me».

Are you a fan of their family? Whom do you like most?


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