«Well, no one is perfect!»: This is what celebrities look like behind the scenes, with no makeup and in casual clothes

Many weren’t ready to see what iconic stars look like in casual clothes in everyday life 🤔

Each and every woman cares about her appearance. Especially for celebrities, it is important to always look amazing, have a wrinkle-free face, slender and, at the same time, attractive figure. They do everything possible not to disappoint the fans.

It is needless to say that many are accustomed to seeing them on stage, on catwalks and on the Red Carpet having no idea what they actually look like in everyday life.

Ch. Aguilera

J. Roberts

D. Johnson

B. Lively

A Graham

U. Thurman

J. Lopez

These paparazzi photos make it quite clear that actually no one is perfect and every single person has some flaws, imperfections and complexes.


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