«Wednesday’s roommate before popularity»: This is what Myers looked like before she acted in the series

Everyone’s favorite Wednesday’s neighbor before she rose to fame and popularity 🤔

Many refuse to believe that this girl is Wednesday’s Neighbor since she looked completely different before she rose to fame and popularity.

The series became a hit and one of the most popular and talked-about ones not only due to the unique protagonist, but also the other characters who played their roles simply in a brilliant way.

Here is her roommate at Nevermore Academy played by E. Myers who now has 11 million followers on social media. 24SNI reports that this number is simply astonishing.

However, her appearance before the hit series was totally different and even unrecognizable. The series not only brought her fame, but also transformation concerning appearance.

She used to have dark hair and many compared her to a «gray mouse». When she was playing her role as E. Sinclair, her appearance radically differed from that of now.

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