“Wanted to become the exact copy of her idol”: This unique girl underwent 50 plastic surgeries to look like Jolie

The girl spoilt her appearance for the sake of her dream – looking like Jolie

Meet S. Tabar whose incredible story you all are probably well-aware of. Sahar is a 19-year-old girl from Iran who, believe it or not, has undergone over 45 plastic surgeries and lost 40 kilos just to look like her idol. However, ultimately, it turned out to be a total failure as she not only didn’t realize her cherished dream, but also completely spoilt her appearance. Many often call her “a living corpse” and “a horror heroine”.

Tabar used to be a lovely girl who possessed quite a pretty appearance, whereas for the sake of becoming the copy of her idol, she deliberately ruined her appearance and worsened her health. The girl spent a lot of time and money on those plastic operations which transformed her into “a living corpse”.

Her first step to imitate Jolie was to lose at least 40 kilos while being 146 cm tall. After becoming extremely thin due to crushing diets, Sahar turned to plastic operations.

In the end, she became a victim of plastic operations and many magazines and publications didn’t stay indifferent towards her story.

Many even draw parallels between her and heroine Emily, heroine from “Corpse Bride” or Annabelle from a horror film.

Despite her extraordinary appearance, Sahar has 300 000 thousand followers on social media who either admire her or are greatly interested in her story.

Do you have any idols? And would you like to look like them?


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