Unusual Sight: Liv Tyler’s Rare Public Appearance Raises Questions About Her Unkempt Look and Relationship Status

Possibly she did not care how she looked 😲🧐

Liv Tyler, who has not appeared in public for a long time, recently was photographed by the paparazzi while walking on the street.

She has always been at the center of attention due to her stunning appearance and pretty figure.

She is already 44 years old, but in her recent photo she looks aged and unkempt. No one knows why the celebrity looks in this way, maybe it’s connected to her busy life, motherhood or her absence in movies during the pandemic.

Liv was wearing ordinary clothes which are more appropriate to wear at home than outside. However, it’s seen that the actress didn’t care of her outfit and was smiling widely.

Fans are sure that her lover, David Gardner, likes whatever she dresses up.

They have been engaged for six years, but still don’t have any intention to get married.

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