«UnibrowMovement»: This is how Sophia Hadjipanteli, the founder of the «UnibrowMovement», looks and lives now

Do you remember this unique model with a monobrow who rose to overall fame?

Meet Sophia Hadjipanteli who became the face of dozens of high-profile and world-class publications and brand exhibitions whereas many critics strongly refuse to call her a typical model.

Owing to her uniqueness, Sophia rose to overall fame and recognition and her unique monobrow didn’t escape any single one’s attention. For millions, she became the main source of inspiration and an idol who doesn’t fear of criticism and negativity.

In the prime of her career as an extraordinary and in-demand model, the absolutely unique girl started the «UnibrowMovement» encouraging unorthodox beauty and self-acceptance.

Sophia is truly proud of her uniqueness and still maintains her famous unibrow without a single thought of changing her individual style.

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