«Unexpected appearance at the festival»: Scarlett Johansson appeared together with husband attracting attention

Scarlett and her husband mesmerized viewers with their appearance😲🫣This was their first official public appearance as a couple which caused a stir😱🫢

Hollywood star Scarlett Johansson and comedian Colin Jost are already together. They appeared at the 76th Cannes Film Festival and attracted huge attention. They officially performed together as a couple for the first time and caused a stir at the festival․

Scarlett’s hair was styled in French waves and the audience really liked it․ Her subtle makeup emphasized her facial features․ She chose beige eye shadow, pink blush and bright scarlet lipstick.

For the performance, Scarlett chose a stunning satin dress from Prada․ It was a pale pink dress with white straps that showed off her tattoos․ In 2017, she got these tattoos of a lamb under her right shoulder blade and rose flowers. Silver pumps with heels completed her look․ And among the jewelry she chose silver star earrings from David Yurman.

Her husband Colin wore a dark blue tuxedo with a white shirt and bow tie․ He looked elegant with a gold watch.

It’s clear that the couple was happy together, holding hands and openly showing affection in front of photographers. Scarlett looked into Colin’s eyes and gently caressed his face, which showed that there was love between them․
Colin is Scarlett’s third husband, and the public learned about their relationship at the end of 2017. They got married in October 2020.
They had a son, but Scarlett also has another daughter from a previous marriage.

In addition to this event, they ended up together at the Air Mail Party, where Scarlett wore a light green minidress with white sandals. This time she wore natural makeup․
Colin wore a black tuxedo and they posed close to each other, with Colin gently wrapping his arm around Scarlett’s waist.

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