Uncle and niece’s wonderful performance. For the jury, their song was the explanation of happiness and witchcraft

 The uncle and niece duo’s performance brought them 4 yes, sending the duo to the next phase.

The duo of uncle and niece named Clark (JoJo) and Bree Anna Harper made a great impression on the AGT jury with their incredible audition. Both were done online. Nevertheless, they performed in front of a live audience for the premier time.

Jojo previously competed in AGT as well as appeared in season 15 as part of the vocal group Resound. Sadly, they lost in the quarterfinals. The musician said “Never give up” when asked what he learned from his previous experience.

Bree enthusiastically replied to the jury’s question about what she would do with the million dollars, saying she “has the desire to make the world happy and make the world a better place.” So, in case she ever wins this money, she will donate it to charity.

For their AGT season 17 audition, JoJo and Bree chose the classic song “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”. Bree’s vocal data was magnificent. They both amazed the audience by performing on high notes.

All the members of the jury and the audience at the audition gave the performers standing applause. Simon Cowell expressed his opinion, “For me, that was the definition of joy and magic.”

Little Bree couldn’t stop smiling as soon as all the jury members were praising her. Howie Mandel talked about the uncle and niece as a duo and said to everyone: I think people in America liked it. But it’s crucial to be remembered.”

The uncle and niece duo’s performance brought them 4 yes, sending them to the next round of AGT. The catchy singing as well as their mature voice, along with the uncle’s gifted singing, gave their performance a wonderful factor.