«True love knows no weight and appearance!»: The way Brosnan’s wife has changed became the subject of discussions

The fans refused to believe that the obese woman here is Brosnan’s charming wife

At his 69, this prominent, world-famous and successful actor still remains loyal to his beloved wife despite the radical changes she has undergone in recent years.

It is worth mentioning that the beautiful spouses have happily been married for already 22 years and are still inseparable. However, the current appearance of his partner saddened many of the fans.

The netizens were taken aback and refused to believe that the overweight woman here is actually his beloved wife. She has gained much weight and, according to many, didn’t look as beautiful and appealing as she did before.

The appearance of the woman soon became the subject of public discussions. Many rushed to harshly criticize her for letting herself go and not paying enough attention to her appearance.

Meanwhile, the great film star seems not to care about his wife’s recent body changes. He still looks madly in love with her.

Many noted that because of her excess weight she looks even older than she actually is. Some can’t understand how the man still loves her.

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