To the delight of the fans and the drudge of the haters. Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper are together again

Currently, the couple’s fans are curious about when they will legitimize their contact.

The couple has put the stop to hiding their relationship and shows mutual affection with plummy orderliness, to the delight of paparazzi and fans.

Looks like Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck aren’t the only ones who chose not to believe that you can’t step into the same river twice when rekindling a relationship. Their instance was followed by Shayk and Bradley Cooper. The difference is just that they waited not twenty but three years.

At first, the couple lowly appeared in public along with their mutual daughter named Leah. At the same time, the premier footage with a Hollywood actor appeared on Irina’s social networks, which no one had seen before, and presently, the paparazzi recorded a celebrity couple, gently hugging on the streets of New York. Internet users rejoice. Shayk and Cooper are reunited, and this time they exactly do not have intentions to conceal their tender feelings for each other.

Furthermore, Irina shared spicy footage on her personal microblog, in which she sits on her knees with a grizzly bear in a defiant Halloween outfit.

“The bear is with me,” the 36-year-old model commented under the footage.

Followers of the celebrity didn’t have to make an assumption about who exactly was hiding behind the mask of the animal, because thanks to the paparazzi shot that appeared on the Internet, everyone already knew that Cooper dressed up as a bear for Halloween.

Currently, the fans of the couple are wondering when celebrities will legitimize their bond as well as give Leah a younger brother or sister.

Remember that the premier time the couple’s relationship became apparent was in the spring of 2015. On March 1st, 2017, the spouses had a daughter, Leah DeSien Shayk Cooper, and in June 2019 it became known that the couple divorced. And here they are with each other again, to the delight of the followers and the drudge of the haters.