“To the bones”: The recent photos of Angelina Jolie made the actress’s fans worry about the woman

Jolie’s fans are concerned about the actress’s unhealthy thinness: Photos

As the well-known actress and director doesn’t lead any social networking sites, we can only witness the woman’s appearance on the Red Carpet, rarely in public or else during the filming of new pictures. After Jolie’s divorce with her ex-husband actor B. Pitt, the celebrity makes her fans be extremely worried about the woman’s state of health.

Recently, the world famous star was caught shopping in a supermarket accompanied with her daughter Vivienne who was carrying the packages.

Jolie tried to hide her body in a loose black hoody, whereas the tight trousers of the actress betrayed her extreme thinness, according to Jolie’s fans. Her followers hold the opinion that the woman has some problems relating to her health.

We sincerely hope that the talented actress is absolutely healthy and doesn’t suffer any problems.

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