«Time simply doesn’t notice her»: fans, seeing photos of Betty Brosmer in old age, were amazed

Betty Brosmer’s fantastic figure brought her wild popularity.👀👀👀

It’s no secret that Marilyn Monroe was the world’s sex symbol. Before her fame, Betty Brosmer conquered everyone with her beauty and elegance. Her incredible flawless figure and unique appearance brought her popularity. She became one of the highest paid models.

Betty had a perfect figure.


The girl had lush hips and large breasts. But still, for the fans, her waist looked very strange. But she has an amazing figure!

She had very rare parameters – 91-45-96.

Her figure brought her fame. Betty started her modeling career at the age of 13. She had 50 high-profile titles in beauty contests.

She was already given a description: «The most gorgeous body of the 50s».

She received huge fees from various modeling agencies so that they could work with her.

People have seen her on magazine covers, on calendars, on billboards. She conquered the whole world with her unique beauty!

Betty became a model at the age of 13 and then married bodybuilder Joe Weider.

Betty led a healthy lifestyle, was engaged in fitness and bodybuilding. Betty was the reason that the women’s fitness and bodybuilding was born.

There are rumors that it was Betty who gave her husband advice to pay attention to bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger.


She lived a wonderful life with her only husband. They lived together for almost 50 years. In 2013, her husband died at the age of 93. The couple never had any children of their own. Her husband had a daughter from his first marriage.

Betty is 94 years old now. She continues to publish a sports magazine and writes a column in the famous publication «Strength and Beauty».