«Time is merciless»: These are archive photos of legendary stars who have changed beyond recognition

Looking at these archive photos, you won’t believe these iconic stars looked like this

There is a popular saying that time flies at a lightning speed. It is also believed to be merciless that doesn’t spare any single one on its way. In the course of time people lose their beauty, attractiveness and only traces and fond memories of the past remain.

Though it is quite possible to find a number of similarities and common features between the left and right photos, there is no denying that all these legendary celebrities have changed a great deal.

H. Ford

S. Buscemi

B. Willis

S. L. Jackson

E. Stone

G. Clooney

D. Washington

Q. Tarantino

J. Depp

Ch. Pratt

J. Foxx

J. Nicholson

U. Thurman

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