This woman only gets older with age, because at the age of 61, she looks so attractive  

Age is just a number

When you watch these photos, you think that the model is young, but none of you can imagine that she is a 61 years old woman, whose name is Yasmina Rossi.

She is wearing swimwear in which she looks so stunning. The founder of The Dreslyn, Brooke Taylor Corcia wanted to show that even old women can look nice in this outfit. She chose Yasmina, because she is so beautiful and attractive, and for this woman the age is just a number.

She proves to everyone that old women can also wear such things and attract people with their beauty.

It’s really incredible, but Yasmina is 61.

She was born in France in 1955, but now lives in California. She is a model and photographer.

The founder was satisfied with the result and was sure that it will continue.

This woman expresses confidence, strength and strong will, so don’t hurry and help old people around you overcome their fears and take care of them.

The secret of such a stunning appearance is that she eats only organic food and takes care of her body regularly.

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