This unique girl without arms lives her life to the fullest and does everything independently

Having born without arms didn’t prevent this girl from leading a complete life

The absolutely unique girl has already succeeded in many spheres becoming the embodiment of strength and will-power for millions.

Being born without arms, the heartless parents of this girl refused to accept her and shortly after her birth, the girl appeared in the orphanage. Regardless of this, the fate has prepared a happy life for this girl who faced many difficulties on her way.

When she was 2, caring spouses from Pennsylvania couldn’t stay indifferent towards the poor girl and rushed to adopt her in order to give her a better life. They didn’t consider her different and didn’t underestimate Inga’s abilities. They did absolutely everything in order to give her all the best and encourage to try new things.

Even when her parents couldn’t afford them to buy prosthetic arms, it didn’t prevent her from learning to do absolutely everything on her own. She did her makeup, typed on computer and even played the cello independently.

Now, Inga has artificial hands, whereas she prefers to do things with the help of her feet which is, according to the girl, much easier and comfortable.

It should be mentioned that the girl has taken a great interest in learning human right since her childhood years and will soon graduate as a lawyer. Inga is accepted and loved by everyone and is very friendly and nice.

She is considered the embodiment of courage and determination never to give up on hoping. She encourages others to be self-confident and clarify their goals.

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