«This is what maternity leave does!»: The appearance of one of the iconic Indian actresses on the Red Carpet raised questions

The fans hardly recognized Indian actress Rai who has noticeably rounded

Though the loyal fans of this outstanding, world-renowned and successful Indian actress are looking forwards to seeing her in public events and shows more often, Rai has devoted herself to family life and rather rarely appears in the spotlight.

Have a look at one of the cult Bollywood stars who have recently made an appearance on the Red Carpet in a chic and magnificent dress.

According to thousands of netizens, the popular Indian actress has considerably rounded and there is nothing left of her former charm.

«I strongly refuse to believe that this is actually her!», «Are you kidding me? How can it be her?», «We must confess she has noticeably rounded».

«Like good wine, she gets only better», «I can’t find words to describe her unearthly beauty», «She looks her best».

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