This is what happened to outstanding singer Katy Perry’s eyes during her performance on stage

Here is what happened to Perry’s eyes while she was performing on stage

It is worth mentioning that during one of the recent performances of brilliant and outstanding singer K. Perry, something happened to the iconic woman’s eyes which immediately drew all the spectators’ attention to her. The thing is that, during one of her legendary hits, her one eye “jammed” and that very moment went viral the internet.

Many grew concerned about what actually happened to the poor singer’s eyes. Some suggested that Perry gained serious problems concerning her eyes, and some were more than sure that it was caused by a plastic surgery.

In order to stop the spread of all suppositions, Perry decided to explain what actually happened to her.

She politely greeted everyone who has already managed to spread fake news about what happened to her on stage. Perry rushed to mention that it was simply a part of the show, “The broken puppet eye”, and nothing serious as many thought.

It should be mentioned that some refused to believe in the truth of her statement claiming that she simply doesn’t want her fans to be aware of the problems concerning her health.

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